The Pink Snowsuit Project

About the Project 

Funded through Nova Scotia’s Sexual Violence Prevention Innovation Fund, this project will offer opportunities to gather diverse groups of parents in casual, accessible spaces to talk about socially constructed gender norms and their role in sexual violence prevention. In these facilitated kitchen table conversations, parents will explore how to raise confident, empowered, authentic children, and how pressure to conform to gender constructs shapes their parenting and their children’s social relationships.

Our Project Coordinator, Alison Smith, will approach mothers and fathers to invite friends (5-8 people) to engage in a series of conversations in their own homes about how gender is influencing their perspectives and decisions about parenting. Each group will be assisted by a facilitator (project staff) for a minimum of 2-3 sessions, with discussion guides and resources. Community organizations will also be invited to host groups at their locations, within their own networks and participate in developing the discussion guides and resources, with attention to simple, accessible language for the participants served.

Intended outcomes are to: create blame-free, non-judgmental, supportive spaces for honest exploration of gender and healthy relationships; generate parental strategies to navigate these issues as children grow; and add to the body of knowledge about preventive approaches to sexual violence.

The year-long project is almost over – please look for a report soon! 

Thank you to Alison Smith for all of her hard work, expertise, facilitation and research!

Check out the resource for parents that Alison developed:

Pink Snowsuit – Resources for Parents


Zine Workshops were held on March 21 and March 26, 2018


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Pink or Blue? You don’t know me!

A Zine Workshop with Flavia Nasrin Testa
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In a highly commercialized world that puts people into pink or blue boxes, learn how to make a low-cost, hand-made zine that lets you express yourself as an individual!

Artist and zine-maker, Flavia Nasrin Testa, will guide adults and youth to respond to gender stereotypes through writing and drawing.

At the end of the session we will combine our pages to make a zine  (a small magazine) of our own.

For parents (or guardians) and children 5-13 years old

March 21st, Art Happening, Bridgewater

3:30-6:30 (Snacks provided)

For parents (or guardians) and youth 12+

March 26th , Second Story Women’s Centre, Lunenburg

6:30-8:30 (Snacks provided)

Thank you to Flavia for her work!