Victims and Survivors of Crime Week June 1 2016

The Power of our Voices 

Survivors and Justice Professionals Together

June 1, 2016

Full report available at:  Report- Insights and discoveries final July 25 2016

Two events to honour Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2016 were developed and hosted by the Be the Peace Institute in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. In partnership with Second Story Women’s Centre, the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Equity and Access Office, and Bridgewater Police Services and funding from Justice Canada,  the theme of the events was The Power of Our Voices. Justice Canada’s purpose with this funding was to give victims and survivors a more effective voice in the criminal justice system, raise awareness about issues they face, the services available, and to acknowledge the work and dedication of service providers in assisting victims, survivors and their families. For Be the Peace Institute and partners, the events were an opportunity to fill a gap in the discourse about victims/survivors of gender-based violence, specifically domestic, intimate partner and sexualized violence. The organizers sought to bring the power of the voices of survivors of gendered violence together with the voices and vantage points of justice professionals, as well as other service providers, advocates and interested citizens. Rarely have all these voices been aired together in mutual discovery, articulating divergent views, and also in exploring changes needed to achieve equal, dignified and unbiased access to justice for all. Through creating a mutually respectful, non-judging, non-blaming space, with safety parameters, and framed by a larger social context to which we are all subject, the vast majority of participants felt welcomed, acknowledged, and validated for their contribution to the discourse. Thank you to all who participated, and especially to the survivors who shared their experiences.

A special thank you to our panelists:

Judge Paul Scovil, Bridgewater
Ingrid Brodie, Chief Crown Western Region
Cathy Benton, QC, Legal Aid
Robert Wright, MSW, Consultant, Therapist
Denise John, Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre
Lezlie Lowe, Journalist
Sally Hutchinson, Second Story Women’s Centre


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