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Please join us for Part 2 of the series “Our Kids on Technology.”

A free series for parents, teachers, caring adults and youth 

In Part 1 of this series (“Raising Youth in the Digital Age”) we heard from participants about the need for more in-depth conversations about various topics, including the issue of youth requesting, sending and sharing intimate images.

On June 14, we will gather with local experts, those engaging most with local youth, to help us talk about

  • What is the reality of this practice?
  • What are the concerns?
  • How are our kids navigating decisions to ask for, send or share these photos?
  • What are youth saying about this practice?
  • How are adults responding?
  • What resources and supports are available for youth AND the adults in their lives to guide them?

This is an interactive evening sponsored by Be the Peace Institute in partnership with Town of Bridgewater, South Shore Regional Centre for Education, Second Story Women’s Centre, with funds from the Lunenburg County Community Health Board.